Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun with some Hearts

This past weekend I decided to make Friday night's meal special. I was making homemade pizza and I wanted to make a fun dessert too. The problem with that was that Matt and I are fasting from sugar until late November. So I came up with a fun little dessert that was actually really tasty and much healthier than your typical dessert. I made a heart shaped crust and then mixed 8 oz cream cheese with probably about 3/4 c pureed strawberries and raspberries. Then I whipped up about 1 c. whipping cream and folded it in. I spread it on top and mmmm it was good. We topped it with sliced banana. Here is the recipe I used for the crust. I used honey rather than agave syrup and used less than the recipe called for, subbed whole wheat flour for the millet flour, and used butter instead of coconut oil because I do not have the right kind of coconut oil. I did have to use a little more butter than the recipe called for to make it stick together and I shaped the whole thing into a heart rather than making cookies. It's a very bittersweet flavor and if you prefer, I'm sure you could use less chocolate and have it not be quite so strong. Anyway, I'm not really trying to turn my blog into a food blog, but I'm on a kick right now of finding new recipes and getting healthier in our overall eating. :)

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